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Feb 13

Zoetrope Optika [Zeiss Otus Lens] - Short film feat Big Swede music!

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Big Swede music in this short concept film: "Zoetrope Optika" made by Director/Producer/Cinematographer August Bradley (Korn, Fisker, Kia) using the new Zeiss Otus lens (Zeiss makes high-end Camera lenses and you might have looked thru the Zeiss Telescope at the Griffith Observatory in LA) - This is the first short film shot on the new lens! - Great to be a part of this!

Music: "Brain Vacation" by Big Swede - from the Album: "Electronic Core District Pt.1"


See it on Big Swede's YouTube:


See it on August Bradley's vimeo:






Concepted & Directed by: August Bradley (www.augustbradley.com)
Artistic Inventions: Dave Lovejoy (www.lovejoyart.com)
Music: Big Swede (www.bigswedestudios.com)
Actress: Melinda Cohen (www.melindacohen.com)
Cinematography: Joe Tamel & August Bradley
Stylist: Patty Cruz
Designer: Louis Verdad
Hair Stylist: Anna Estella Patterson
Makeup Artist: Mynxii White



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