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Jun 09

Oscar Hernandez & Big Swede Co-Writing!

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Happy to be doing some co-writing with 3x Latin Grammy Winner Oscar Hernandez - Got one track done yesterday - Very cool & inspiring vibe - He is also part of On Your Feet! The Story of Emilio & Gloria Estefan running on Broadway now and with a performance on the Tony Awards this week.

Oscar is also guesting on a few tracks for my upcoming album "BS In A Downtown Lounge" - He also played the piano riff on the house track "Strictly Dtown Jam":







Oct 26

3x Grammy winner Oscar Hernandez on upcoming Big Swede chill out record!

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My good friend & 3x Grammy winner Oscar Hernandez will be guesting on a couple of tracks for the upcoming Big Swede downtempo/chill album - One of the tracks has a nice Brazilian vibe to it and the other one is more House - I'm humbled to have Oscar on there - What a great pianist - He constantly works with the biggest names in latin music and has his own band Spanish Harlem Orchestra.


Mar 31

Three time Grammy Winner Oscar Hernandez guesting on Big Swede house track!

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Had an incredible session yesterday - Three time latin grammy winner Oscar Hernandez (and founder of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra) is guesting on a new Big Swede house track feat. Papa Dee - Great Fender Rhodes piano - You have probably heard his piano playing on the "Sex And The City" theme song as well!! Track coming soon! Photo by Garlin Morfin.

Check out the other house track feat. Papa Dee released last year:




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