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Nov 20

Another great session with Lee Sklar!

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Another great session/hang with Lee Sklar - A treat recording him on top of my drums - This was for one of Juan's tracks - A nice shuffle - Sounds fat!


Jan 15

Leland "Lee" Sklar at Big Swede Studios!

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It was a true pleasure to record Leland "Lee" Sklar at my place a while back, although he had to play to my drums, haha - For you who are unfamiliar, Lee is a bass player of legendary status and has probably played on a lot of records in your collection, including Phil Collins, James Taylor, Billy Cobham, Hall & Oates and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to name a few - This project is called "Contents" and the track "To All The Children" - Great people involved - The project is headed by my old friend Juan Granholm (keys, who wrote the track) and also includes Göran Edman (vocals) and Howie Simon (guitars) - I mixed the track - and also co-produced it with Juan. Check it out:




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