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Jun 29

Actor Bo Svenson guesting on upcoming Big Swede album!

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I'm thrilled to have Bo Svenson on the opening track of my upcoming album "Big Swede - BS In A Downtown Lounge Vol.1" (release is July 4th). He is one of the truly great actors from Sweden with legendary status (producer and director as well). You might now him from Kill Bill: Vol.2, Inglourious Basterds, The Delta Force, Final Chapter: Walking Tall and the list goes on....! His body of work spans 50 years and is astounding to say the least!! We are both from Gothenburg, born in the same month, about the same height, share the same last name and have both been called Big Swede........! 


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Jun 15

Jimmy Z (Eurythmics) on upcoming BS In A Downtown Lounge Vol.1!

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My album "Big Swede - BS In A Downtown Lounge Vol.1" will be up on July 4th - 15 tracks in a downtempo, house, chill, lounge vibe with urban, jazz and latin flavors - One of the guests is my good friend Jimmy Z (Eurythmics, Rod Stewart, Etta James) with his saxophone and harmonica. All inspired by downtown Los Angeles. Pic By Rush Varela.






Jun 04

Happy Bday to co-conspirator Reeves Gabrels (The Cure, David Bowie)!

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A huge Happy Birthday to my friend/brother/co-conspirator Reeves Gabrels (The Cure, David Bowie & many more) - Enjoy your day!!! 


Jun 03

Remix for Gary Calamar (Dexter, KCRW DJ) - The Prince Of Pico Blvd (Big Swede DTLA Remix)!

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I just did a remix for a track by Gary Calamar called "The Prince Of Pico Blvd (Big Swede DTLA Remix)" - Had a good time making a new version of this groovy pop track! Gary is a well known music supervisor for shows like True Blood, Dexter, Entourage and hosts his own radio show on KCRW. Check out the track - FREE DOWNLOAD!!



May 11

Big Swede with Alex Van Halen - Van Halen Concert intro!

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Big Swede & Alex Van Halen - Happy Bday Alex Van Halen (May 8th) - It's a pretty cool moment when you get to do something for one of your favorite bands growing up - VAN HALEN - I was humbled when they used my music as intro/warm-up for their re-union tour with David Lee Roth - I also did some samples/sounds for them - What an awesome band - Legends of Rock! Pic by Amanda Werner in Burbank.


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