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Aug 16

2010 the year so far:

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2010 the year so far:

June 20 - The band "Nelson" is using BS music, as intro to their concerts.


July 8 - BS has done a soundtrack for great artist Robert Vargas, that is being used while he is painting live, at the "Downtown Artwalk" ( downtown LA every 2nd Thursday of the month).




June 30 - Doing a remix for one of Greg Hampton's tunes ( producer Alice Cooper, Ron Wood, The Tubes).
May 24 - Big Swede will have some music being played in Regal Movie Theatres, across the US, in June, pre show.
May 4 - Big Swede has more music on "NCIS" (NavyCIS) - (CBS).

April 25 - Finishing up the new club record - it will be a mix of electro, house and trance. The release will be around middle-end of June. It will be called:  BIG SWEDE "BS In Da Club".
March 2 - Big Swede has music on "NCIS" (NavyCIS) - (CBS).

Feb 10 - Big Swede has music on "Lie To Me" (FOX), starring Tim Roth

Aug 06

New From 2009

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Nov 17 - Big Swede has more music on "NCIS" (NavyCIS) - (CBS)
Oct 20 - Big Swede has music on the new CBS television show "NCIS: Los Angeles" - (CBS).
Oct 7 - Big Swede has more music on "NCIS" (NavyCIS) - (CBS).
Aug 27 - Big Swede has done a few presets for Fxpansion's new synth, DCAM: Synth Squad."
June 10 - Big Swede & Reeves Gabrels are now a composing team for TV, Film, Ads & Videogames. DVD-reel is available upon request.
April 24 - Check out this one minute "Santa Ynez" video spot, feat: "Floating In The Sky", by Big Swede:     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4pC2KTEp4U
April 7 - Big Swede has more music on the #1 TV-show in the US: "NCIS"   (NavyCIS) - (CBS/Paramount).

March 10 - Big Swede has been working on his next album. This one is pure rock n' roll. Fat drums and bass , with screaming guitar riffs. It will feature Big Swede together with Howie Simon-Guitars, Rod Jackson-Vocals, and Johnny Griparic-Bass.

Jan 27 - Big Swede has more music on the #1 TV-show in the US: "NCIS"  (NavyCIS) - (CBS/Paramount).

Jan 21 - Big Swede has started a collaboration with Les Hemstock (chart-topping DJ, remixes for Madonna, George Michael, Prince etc.)  www.leshemstock.com 

Jan 1 2009 - Happy New Year !

Aug 05

News from 2008

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Dec 2 - Big Swede has more music on the #1 TV-show in the US: "NCIS" (NavyCIS) - (CBS/Paramount). Dec 1 - Big Swede has been scoring for the English movie "Turpin", collaborating with actor/DJ/producer Les Hemstock. The movie is a period/action/drama, directed by Chris Stone . It features Les together with Caroline Munro (James Bond:The Spy Who Loved Me) and Jeremy Bulloch ( Star Wars ). See:  www.turpinthemovie.com
Nov 18 - The new TAKARA record "Invitation To Forever" is released in the US by "ProgRock Records" and in Europe by "SPV". The record was recorded/mixed & mastered by Big Swede. You can check it out & buy it here:    www.takararocks.com

Nov 4 - The "X-world/5" record "New Universal Order " is being released in the US by "Locomotive Records" (USA). Half of this record was Written/Recorded/Mixed at Big Swede Studios.

Oct 21 - Big Swede has more music on the hit TV-show  "NCIS" ("NavyCIS") - (CBS/Paramount).

Aug 22 - Big Swede has been the language reviewer, at the mix of the Swedish version of " STAR WARS : CLONE WARS " (Lucas Film).

Aug 20 - Big Swede has a couple of songs on the DVD release of "Everwood"(WB).   "I'm The Lady" & "Irrational Impulses".

Aug 15 - Big Swede has had a track on Josten's "make a yearbook dvd", for the last year. The track is called "So I Can Dance".
Aug 7 - Big Swede has a track on a business-to-business DVD. The track is "Intuition" - a "Chemical Bros" vibe .
July 23 - "The Wall Street Shuffle" ( Houston 1110AM KTEK - www.bizradio.com ), has played "Nightclub In Texas "
July 19 - DJ Tommy D at Houston based talkradio station KCOH 1430AM ( www.kcohradio.com ), has played the "Protecto" track "Nightclub In   Texas" (feat: George W. Bush on lead vocals)".
June 10 - Van Halen has used one of Big Swede's tracks as intro/warm-up music, for their reunion tour. It's an electronic/swirly piece named "Brain Vacation".
May 5 - Filmaker Eric Minh Swenson ( http://thuvanarts.com ), has used Big Swede's song, "Sensual Woman", for a short story film. The song is playing throughout the film. See it here or go to youtube:    http://youtube.com/watch?v=xwLEpRVxSS8 

April 29 - The "X-World/5" record is finally being released worldwide May 16th (AFM records). The title of the record will be: "New Universal Order".  Check out: www.afm-records.de
Feb 3 - Big Swede will be tracking/mixing the new record, for hardrock band "Takara". Please see:   www.myspace.com/takararocks

Jan 23 - Big Swede is collaborating with Norwegian Pianist/Keyboardplayer extraordinaire Haakon Graf ( Grafitti, Hawk On Flight, Harvey Mason, ECM)    www.myspace.com/hgraf
Jan 14 - Big Swede has more music on "One Life To Live" (ABC).
Aug 04

News from 2007

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Dec 10 - Big Swede has more music on "CSI: Miami" (CBS).
Oct 17 - Attention all Grammy Members: The song "Falling In love Again" is nominated for several Grammy's this year:
  Best R&B song & Song Of The Year.The song was recorded by Jerome Jackson on his record "Let's Fall In Love Again".
  The record has also received several nominations in other categories. We sure would love to get your votes!!!
Oct 2 - MTV will use several tracks from Big Swede, on their new reality show "Menudo".
Sept 14 - Big Swede just did some programming for Alex Van Halen - and it will be used during Van Halen's reunion tour.
Sept 5 - The song "Falling In Love Again" has just been Grammy-nominated! It was written by David "Razz" Rasmussen and Stefan "Big Swede" Svensson. The    nominated version was recorded by Jermome Jackson (formerly of The Drifters).
   Let's hope it makes it to the next level in the nomination process!!!
Aug 15 - Big Swede has done some programming for Eric Singer (drummer for Kiss & Alice Coper). The sounds will be used for both bands.

Aug 9 - BIG SWEDE "Time Machine" is now available on Itunes, Emusic and other downloading sites worldwide.


July 30 - Jerome Jackson (vocalist for soul legends: The Drifters), have recorded two songs from "3 Of A Different Kind's" album. The songs are: "I Want To Love You" and "Falling In Love Again". They are both appearing on his new record: "Jerome Jackson - Let's Fall In Love Again". Both songs were written by David "Razz" Rasmussen and Stefan "Big Swede" Svensson and are published by "Big Sven Music" (BMI).

July 19 - Big Swede is guesting on Magnus Rosen's ( X-World/5, ex-Hammerfall) new CD: "Set Me Free". The song is called "Badinerie, Suite 2".

June 26 - New CD: BIG SWEDE "Time Machine" is released and available on the "music-store" page. This is a dance/electronica/soul/disco record, with lots of great guests. Will also be available on Itunes and other downloading sites soon.

June 25 - Check out the new myspace page: www.myspace.com/bigswedestudios
April 23 - Big Swede has music on "CSI: Miami" (CBS). The show has been named "the most-watched U.S. TV-series around the world".
April 3 - Big Swede has more of his music on the hit TV-show "NCIS" (CBS/Paramount).
March 25 - The song "Bodyshaker" has been used on the Emmy-Award winning daytime TV-drama "One Life To Live" (ABC). The song was written by Big Swede and Magnus Rosen.
Feb 14 - Big Swede has another one of his songs appear on the hit TV-show "NCIS" ( CBS/Paramount).
Feb 6 - X-World/5 is currently working on their first release - due later this year - see mp3 section for song samples-Heavy,Heavy,Heavy!!!!

Feb 1 - It's now possible to buy tracks/downloads directly from Protecto's myspace page: www.myspace.com/protecto

Jan 20 - The Razorball record will be released all over Europe in May: www.myspace.com/razorball

Aug 03

News from 2006

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Dec 6 - The song "Nightclub In Texas", is now available as a free download on Protecto's myspace page: www.myspace.com/protecto It features GEORGE W. BUSH on lead vocals. Go check it out! It is hilarious and the ultimate party song!!!!!

Dec 3 - The website for "X-World/5" is now up and running: www.x-world5.com
The band is: MAGNUS ROSEN -Bass, BIG SWEDE -Drums, Samples, Loops, ANDY LA ROQUE -Guitar, REEVES GABRELS -Guitar, NILS K. RUE -Vocals

Nov 30 - NOW AVAILABLE on ITUNES and other DOWNLOADING SITES WORLDWIDE: 3 OF A DIFFERENT KIND "There's a Rhythm To These Streets" and PROTECTO "Sonicnauts".

Nov 9 – The song “ Give Me Wings”, written by Big Swede and Magnus Rosen, will soon start playing in 8000 movie-theatres across the US. The song will be used as background music before the movies start.

Nov 7 – Big Swede just had some of his newly written electronic music appear, on the TV-show “NCIS” ( CBS/Paramount).

Oct 19 – 3 Of A Different Kind “There’s A Rhythm To These Streets”, has been one of the most requested CD’s on the Blues radiostation in Helsinki, Finland, for the last month.
Sept 27 – 3 Of A Different Kind played on Finnish radio for the first time.

Sept 26 – 3 Of A Different Kind is played on Norwegian radio for the first time. www.radioung.no ( FM 106.9 Kristiansand, Norway)

Sept 23 – 3 Of A Different Kind interview on “The Classic Metal Show”. Go here to listen to interview: http://www.theclassicmetalshow.com/interviews.htm

Sept 22 – Big Swede is featured as one of the artists on the new Fxpansion (BFD) website.( Go to www.fxpansion.com - click on “community” – then choose “artists”)

Sept 15 – 3 Of A Different Kind is on rotation on “Rock Nation Radio”. Use this link to request us on the station: www.rocknationradio.com (click on requests – choose “0-9” – browse down and click one of our songs)

Sept 9 – Jimmy Z ( Eurythmics, Rod Stewart) is in playing sax/harmonica/flute on a few tracks for Big Swede’s upcoming release “Time-Machine”

Sept 8 – It is confirmed that all Big Swede releases will be available for downloading worldwide, on the web. The first 2 releases “PROTECTO” and “ 3 Of A Different Kind”, will be available for downloading on a plethora of sites from the end of October and on.

Aug 29 – 3 Of A Different Kind is being played on a few European blues radio-stations for the first time.( Mojodreams, Netherlands – Radio ZRO 106.2 FM)

Aug 26 – 3 Of A Different Kind makes headlines on Blabbermouth.net Click link to check it out: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=57179

Aug 25 – Two of Reeves Gabrels earlier solo-albums now for sale in the webstore, at Big Swede Studios: “Ulysees” ( guests include David Bowie, Dave Grohl & Frank Black) and “Live, Late, Loud”.

Aug 15 – The new CD: PROTECTO “ Sonicnauts” is released. Availble in the webstore at Big Swede Studios.

Aug 3 – Reeves Gabrels is back tracking two basic tracks for his next solo-album.

Aug 2 – Reeves Gabrels is in tracking a new song with Big Swede for “Protecto”. This will not be on the initial release “Sonicnauts”.

July 22 – Reeves Gabrels is in playing on 3 tracks for Big Swede’s upcoming release “Time-Machine”.

July 15 – The new CD: 3 Of A Different Kind “There’s A Rhythm To These Streets”. Available in the webstore at Big Swede Studios.

June 20 – Johnny G ( Slash’s Snakepit) is in the studio playing bass on a track for Big Swede’s upcoming release “Time-Machine”.

April 24 – Tommy Bolin “Whips And Roses 1”, is released. Stefan “Big Swede” Svensson mixed one track on the album. “Whips & Roses 2” will be released later this year and Big Swede mixed 5 songs on that.

April 17 & 27 & June 15 & 19 - Rod Jackson is in doing vocals on Big Swede’s upcoming release “Time-Machine”.

April - The new band “X-World/5”(X-World To The Fifth Power) is founded.
The band members are: Magnus Rosen (Hammerfall) on bass, Big Swede on drums/loops/samples, Andy La Roque (King Diamond) on guitar, Reeves Gabrels( David Bowie) on guitar. BEWARE: This will be a superheavy futuristic sound! Lead singer to be announced. The tracks will be recorded at Big Swede Studios and at Andy’s studio “Los Angered”, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Stay tuned for updates and songs this fall!!!!

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