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Dec 27

Big Swede Studios YouTube channel updated!

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Just cleaned up and configured the YouTube channel. Lots of music to check out! Big Swede, Refurbished, X-World/5, Protecto, Tweek Show, Prune Bros, 3 Of A Different Kind - Also, a few of the commercials I did the music for.






Dec 14

Big Swede (aka Bo Svenson) on Big Swede track!

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It was great to have my good friend and legendary actor/producer/director Bo Svenson doing spoken word on the opening track of my record 'Big Swede - BS In A Downtown lounge Vol.1'. The track is aptly called 'Downtown Los Angeles'. Bo is an icon and his body of work spans 50 years in Hollywood: Kill Bill: Vol.2, Inglourious Basterds, Inglorious Bastards, The Delta Force, Walking Tall, Heartbreak Ridge, The Dirty Dozen: The Deadly Mission to name a few. We are both from Gothenburg, born in the same month, about the same height, share the same last name and have both been called Big Swede........! Check out the track & album on Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, Apple Music etc.





Google Play


Press Release


Nov 29

Big Swede music on two holiday commmercials for Lowe's!

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I did the music for two holiday commercials for Lowe's Home Improvement store - Holiday season DIY vibes! Great as I have been in that store many times over the years. Good luck with your projects and happy holidays!


Lowe's holiday DIY decor commercial #1:



Lowe's holiday DIY decor commercial #2:



Nov 13

Collaborating with Shelby Christ (米蒂)!

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Just collaborated with Chinese vocalist/artist Shelby Christ (米蒂) on a 12 min piece of music called "家 The Forest Is Crying". Just a beautiful voice! The song is part of a performance play named SHOWBEAR (by director Robert Catalusci). It just played in Chengdu, China. It goes to Houston later this month and then to New York and Berlin. Hope to release the track at some point.


Nov 11

Strictly Dtown Jam on HouseGalaxy Mixshow!

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In great company here. A big thanx to Dj Zoli (Budapest, Hungary) for putting my track "Big Swede - Strictly Dtown Jam" in his HouseGalaxy Radio Mixshow for November. The deep house track features Papa Dee, Jimmy Z, Miles Evans & Oscar Hernandez. It will air on stations in New York, Montreal, Chicago, Hong Kong, London and Manchester and more.


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