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Jun 29

New album: Big Swede - BS In A Downtown Lounge Vol.1 coming July 4th!

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I am releasing my new album "Big Swede - BS In A Downtown Lounge Vol.1" on July 4th. This one has a lounge, chill, house, downtempo vibe with jazz, latin and urban flavors. One song has already been used by Samsung.  Every track is a process from idea to finished song. Once again I had the good fortune of having an amazing group of guests: Papa Dee, Jimmy Z (Eurythmics, Etta James, NWA), Miles Evans (Gil Evans Orchestra, Sting), Oscar Hernandez (Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Paul Simon, Celia Cruz), Emmett Skyy (Beyonce), Summer Rona (Jermaine Jackson), C-Tru (Snoop Dogg, DMX), Haakon Graf (Grafitti), Bo Svenson (Legendary Swedish Actor - Walking Tall, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds), Gronk (Legendary DTLA Artist/Painter - Smithsonian, LACMA), Tanner Goldbeck (Iconic DTLA Artist/Painter - Powell-Peralta, Icon Motosports), Michael Martinsson (Dilana), Ms Topo, Elizabeth Turro, Steve Turro, Slim Diamond (Author: Coast To Coast Pimptionary of Street Slang). Pic by Mats Ågren. 


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